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New CEC Chapters

How to Organize a New CEC Chapter or Reactivate an Inactive Chapter

  1. SF cec at cec convention
    Contact the CEC president in your state/province to find out what requirements you’ll need to meet to become officially recognized. There is a list of the state/provincial presidents on the CEC website at Please note that recognition of your chapter comes from your CEC Unit – not CEC Headquarters.

    Student chapters should also check with the student activities office to find out the requirements you’ll need to meet to be a recognized organization at your college/university.
  2. Schedule a meeting, and invite everyone who might be interested! At this meeting, appoint or elect officers, establish committees, and sign up new members.

    Depending on the requirements of your state/provincial CEC Unit, you’ll need at least 10-15 members. These can be both new members and transfers from other chapters. For new members, you’ll need to send their membership application and payment to CEC or encourage them to join online on the CEC website (; for current CEC members who want to be assigned to your chapter, complete the membership transfer form.

    Students—Please Note: Not all college/university students qualify for student membership in CEC. CEC defines a student member as: “…a person enrolled in The Council who is a full-time student during the academic year as defined by an accredited college or university or a person enrolled in The Council who is a part-time student who is not engaged in full-time employment as a certified professional in the field of education.”
  3. A. Complete and submit these materials to your CEC Unit:
    • Chapter application (new chapters only)
    • List of officers
    • Constitution and bylaws
    • List of new members who are submitting their membership application to CEC or who have indicated they will join online
    • Photocopy of membership transfer form (list of current CEC members who wish to be assigned to your chapter)

    B. Submit these materials to CEC:
    • Membership applications and payments from new members
    • Membership transfer form (after the state/provincial unit notifies CEC that they have officially recognized your chapter, CEC will assign a chapter number and move these members into the new chapter)

That’s all there is to it! Your CEC Unit will contact you if they have any questions and will notify you when your chapter has been officially recognized. If you are forming a new chapter, they will also notify you when your chapter number has been assigned.

Questions? Please contact your CEC Unit. For general information and CEC membership materials, contact CEC at 888.232.7733 or e-mail

Last Updated:  3 November, 2020

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